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FEMRICA LLC                             

The AEC boutique

This is not a new idea, it is an evolution: a response to changing environment in

terms of economics and technology.Architecture, engineering and construction:

 woven together seamlessly and with visible seams. We are hardly going to

revolutionize the industry; we just opt for a more efficient mode of service delivery.

Our approach to environmental design usually leads to a mutually satisfying

relationship between us and our clients, be they developers, owner-end users or

 other consultants.

Not business as usual

Formed in 2011; Femrica was born in a time of renewal following recovery from the great recession. The founder of Femrica and associates have decades of construction industry experience. The ups and downs of the economy always rearrange the business landscape and Femrica is an organization that evolved out the need to do things differently and pursue new opportunities.


Femrica makes no pretention about its size and capabilities as the firm strikes a good balance between the need to respond to the natural ebb and flow of the economy and personnel growth and development. The AEC landscape in America has seen the growth of ever larger firms with global outreach and the midsize firm is getting smaller yet and then there is the other extreme of sole practitioners struggling to maintain a foothold.

Available technology has been harnessed to standardize connectivity platform to enhance our ability to respond efficiently to all challenges with the right solutions. Our company could not have existed in its current form a few years ago; it is truly the increased capabilities offered by today’s technology that makes it possible for us to do what we do the way we do it. There is no propriety tools employed, only unique ways of using common tools that puts us ahead of a growing trend.




 Our Perspective


Respect for engineering infused with architecture and the love of building is the "formula" for Femrica. What the future portends for environmental design is the inspiration for Femrica, our reason for being is the belief in a thoroughly multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and reaching the lofty heights of "perfect design."