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Modern life is virtually impossible without engineering, it is a true servant of modern society, and all technological marvels both modern and ancient are underpinned by engineering. Architecture and engineering have always  been married to good effect, whenever there is a divorce between the two chaos ensues, at Femrica we are mindful that good engineering is the foundation of good architecture; that is why our architects and engineers do not dwell in stereotyped niches of their own making, they co-create.  If we cannot find a product in the market we shall create it and encourage its manufacture. The traditional bound of architectural and engineering consulting is broken all the time in our service to clients. While no one reinvents the wheel at Femrica, we seek always to break the mold in pursuit of superior results.



MEP Engineering

Nothing has influenced environmental control systems in last several years like the need to conserve energy. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering is not about comfort at all cost, while our engineers can cover all bases technically speaking, the bottom line is the harmonious integration of systems into buildings in a that minimize resource use.


Energy Efficiency and Alternatives

Buildings consume a lion share of the energy generated today, the consciousness to conserve energy has been with us for decades, but the will to do something about it has always waxed and waned. We design energy conservation into our projects beyond whatever is officially mandated. It is certain that America’s future calls for various alternative energy measures - the politics of the moment notwithstanding. Increasingly, many building owners small and large are looking for off-the-grid alternatives and it is quite possible that the building of the future will generate most of its needed energy on site. The design of buildings to fulfill the energy use pattern to come should be integral to the building and not and afterthought. There is no shortage of innovation and devices for alternative energy use; the rapidly evolving scene is sometimes confusing even for many professionals in the field let alone the general public. Our experienced and forward looking professionals make it their duty to stay on top of developments in the area of alternative energy implementation in order to offer truly expert advice to building owners.

Structural Engineering

The utmost care put into selecting the best structural systems on projects yield efficiencies in constructability and cost savings without compromising safety: this is our relentless pursuit.