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Construction: Design-Build

Until it is built it remains a dream. Construction is a major preoccupation of our species, the industry is a very large employer in many countries, but it is an activity that begins with the very first line drawn by the designer. The compartmentalization characteristic of the AEC industry is not about to be completely broken, but the increasing trend towards combined teams of architects and contractors working on projects from inception is growing; we at Femrica welcome the increasing use of design-build; we are always eager and prepared to partner with others for business in this manner.


Specialized roles in large projects

Following challenges to install thousands of doors and windows with electronic controls and perform miscellaneous special installation on multi-million dollar project our team performed professionally and achieved objectives as subcontractor.

Femrica strives to be synonymous with reliability

Every time a contractor takes up a project, the owners expect and deserve reliability. From the relatively simple construction tasks to the installation of complex systems, our pledge to the people we serve is to be problem solvers not creators of it. We will not outsource responsibility, the founder of Femrica believes in accountability.